Bad Dental Work? Don’t Worry. Let Us Help You Make It Wright!

Dentistry is both an art and a science, and as with any field, certain things have to be taken into consideration before developing a treatment plan. If in the future the treatment plan turns out to be unsatisfactory, or the treatment itself subpar, then you may develop more serious problems. If this has happened to you, call us. We can help you make your bad dental work Wright!

Don’t Live With Defective Dental Work

There is room for error in everything. That’s a given, and even with dental work things can go wrong. If you have a defective crown, or a bridge or dentures that are ill-fitting and causing you grief, if you’ve had orthodontic treatment but your teeth have moved out of alignment again, let us help you. Living with these problems can lead to bigger problems, and more expensive treatment. For instance, dentures that have become loose can rub against your gum tissue leading to sores and infection. If decay has occurred beneath your dental bridge it can lead to periodontal disease, bone degradation, and eventual tooth loss. Don’t live with defective dental work, get it fixed ASAP!

We Like Solving Problems!

Here at Wright Implants, we don’t mind being problem solvers so we can make our patients more comfortable. It is not always about the quick fix. Our goal is to restore your healthy smile, comfort, and confidence, while increasing your long-term oral health, and enhancing the appearance of your natural, beautiful smile.

Dr. Wright and our team have corrected inadequate tooth realignment, replaced lost teeth with lifelike dental implants, and more, so if you’re having a dental problem, let us help you!

Call Just Wright Dental Surgery Center in Waxahachie, TX, Today!

At Just Wright Dental Surgery Center, our priority is ensuring that every visit is a comfortable and friendly experience, and that all of our patients understand every stage of their diagnosis, planning, and treatment. With extensive experience in placing, restoring, and maintaining dental implants, Dr. Wright and our team can walk you through every stage of the dental implant process. We also specialize in helping patients with medical considerations that can affect their oral and overall health, such as cancer, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, and recovery from drug addiction. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Justin Wright and our team by calling our dental implant office in Waxahachie, TX, today at (903) 225-2221.