Advanced Digital X-Rays for Better Dental Care


Even with advanced treatments, like dental implant placement, the most important part of your dental care is the diagnostic stage, during which your dentist will diagnose your condition and precisely plan your treatment. For optimal results, we utilize advanced technology at every stage of your treatment, including using digital X-rays to provide higher quality dental care. With advanced digital X-rays, your treatment can be completed faster, safer, and with much more precise results than with traditional diagnostic and imaging equipment.

The Healthy Advantage

By utilizing the latest technology to capture an X-ray image of the mouth, patients are exposed to approximately 90% less radiation than patients who undergo traditional X-rays. Also, immediate digital picture generation eliminates the need for chemical photograph development, which is required to develop traditional X-ray images. This removes the risk of exposure to these chemicals, as well.

The Visual Advantage

As technology has proven quite often, a digital image is usually sharper and more distinct than a paper photo. The images captured by digital X-ray technology are no exception. With digital X-rays, your dentist can more clearly view the intricacies of your oral structure and more precisely diagnose oral health issues. You can even view this clear digital image alongside your dentist on a chairside monitor so that you can more fully understand as he explains your condition and treatment options.

The Time Advantage

Digital X-rays also benefits your busy schedule. The instant image saves the time you would have to wait while a photo developed, and because the images are digital, they can be saved and sent digitally. This means instant retrieval of your previous X-ray images for reference, as well as a speedy transfer of records should you require additional specialty treatment.

Learn More About Digital X-Rays

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